Uncorked Level 1 – Wine Foundation Course

Course Information

Reference UCKD L
Duration 1 Day
Suitable for Fresher, Under Graduate, Graduate, Professional, Wine Enthusiast.
The certificate course is to promote provide and develop high-quality education and training in wines for those in the industry, who would pursue their career seriously in beverage industry, enthusiasts and a number of consumers who attend this course. (This course includes wine tasting and food pairing).
Course Weight 30% Theory/70% Practical
Examination 6 Wine Appreciations for tastings. (3 Red Wines, 2 White Wines, 1 Dessert Wine)
Offer Certificates and Results are aimed to reach you within 4 weeks of completing the course
Certification Uncorked Level 1 Award in Wines certified by Institute of Bar Operations & Management
Course Cost:
INR 25000/-

INR 15000/-
(Including GST)
Upcoming Batches:
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  • Certificates and Results are aimed to reach you within 4 weeks of completing the course.
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The level 1 program provides a basic introduction to the main styles of wines available to front line staff involved in the service of wine. The program introduces you to the technique of tasting wine and the characteristics of the common grape varieties used to produce wines. The program aims to provide the basic product knowledge and skills in the service of wines required to prepare you for wine service.

Learning Objectives

By the time you have completed this program you will be better able to:

  • Describe the main styles of wines available
  • Display a basic understanding of factors that determine the main styles of light wines
  • Describe in general terms the main characteristics of the principal grape varieties
  • State the correct service temperatures, equipment and glassware for the service of wine
  • Describe the procedures for the receipt, storage and sale of wine
  • Understand the main health and safety considerations when serving wine
  • Use the Level 1 Bar Wizard Systematic Approach to Nosing &Tasting to produce simple tasting records

Offer basic food and wine matching advice

  • Introduction to Wines
  • What is Wine?
  • Styles of Wine
  • What makes wines different?
  • Grape Varieties
  • How Wine is made
  • Wine tasting
  • Service and Preparation of Wine
  • Preparation of Equipment
  • Styles of Service
  • Methods used to preserve wine
  • Merchandising & Stock Control
  • Health, Safety & Legal Issues
  • Professional Responsibility
  • An introduction to Food and Wine Matching
  • Food flavors and textures
  • Wine flavors and textures
  • Portfolio of Tasting Notes
  • Tasting Notes
  • To gain the qualification students need to successfully complete a portfolio of tasting notes, 6 wines and a multiple-choice paper of 50 questions.
  • Place a deposit of INR 5000.00 to reserve your place.
  • Your remaining course balance will be required 2 days prior to you taking the course.
  • N.B. Bookings made within 2 days of the course start date must be paid in full.
  • (All directions and information are available on the website or by calling +91 9811554466 between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri)
  • Certificates and Results are aimed to reach you within 4 weeks of completing the course. For international students allow for an additional 2-4 weeks.

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