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The Company

What started off, as a freelance bartending company in 1996, today is India’s leading Institute of Bar Operations & Management. A team of expert trainers with over 30 years of experience manages the bar school. IBOM also specializes in consulting- bars and restaurants- concept planning, making business plans, process making and implementation management, cost control processes, audits, working as an outsourced HR agency, training- staff & consumers, events- bartenders on hire for events, theme parties, pub promotions, launches – liquor / product / bar, celebrity bartenders, seminars, bar competitions and awards. We have a very strong beverage catering division that caters bar liquor, bar license, bar ingredients, glassware & equipment, and soft beverages.

We’ve been in Bartenders & Staff Training, Beverage Catering and Restaurant & Bar Consulting business for over 15 years and excel in deliverance because we are passionate about it and we work very hard to be great at it. We’ve worked with and at nightclubs, restaurants, pubs, weddings, social and corporate functions, five star hotels, farmhouses and exotic destination resorts. We have the experience and the success to give you a great experience and freedom from your worries.

We’ve been featured in TV interviews, Magazines & Newspapers, Nightclub & Bar Magazines and our team is “the world’s leading ambassadors in the art of bartending “.

Our Mission


IBOM is affiliated with, and its training programs are recognized by Bars & Bartenders Association of India (BBAI) and is an active member of Drink Aware India (DAI), which both are headed by Sandy Verma himself.

Sandy Verma, Founder and the certifying authority has done certified courses in wines from Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), London, and extensively studied Wines from Bordeaux, France and Whiskology from visiting and attending various whisky appreciations in Scotland & Ireland.

IBOM operates three core divisions (Bar School, Beverage Catering, Restaurant & Consultancy) that all support one another harmoniously. We like to think of our business as a cocktail of services supporting the needs of the ever-evolving hospitality and events industry.

Mission Statements

Institute of Bar Operations & Management

“To offer world class practical and theoretical bar training and educational courses for the hospitality industry. Our mission is to evolve our courses constantly according to ever-changing demands of the industry and offer our expertise for the advancement of this craft while inspiring the bartenders of tomorrow.”

Bar Events

To provide our existing and future clients with complete event bar solutions that is unsurpassed in the hospitality industry.

Bar Consultancy

To provide our clients with an impeccable standard of service by delivering comprehensive bar training and consultancy within the specified time.



To forge a network of relationships with our prestigious clients, our support brands, vendors, suppliers and associations to offer our clients a solution for their business, recognizing that the strength of the company’s relationships with customers – both existing and potential – is key to a successful future.


To support and develop our employees to provide quality service our brand stands for, to invest in raising people standards and to achieve and exceed our income targets through exponential growth.

Our Vision

Institute of Bar Operations and Management:

Our Vision is to engage, empower and enable each student to achieve excellence & meet the goals of his career through our innovative educational learning designs and Opportunity. IBOM in its pursuit of holistic education, envisages, inspiring and fostering a community of creative, progressive, life long learners to embrace and celebrate all nation.

Bar Events:

To provide excellent experience & create WOW moments through creativity, professionalism, quality and ethical practices.

IBOM vision rests on 3 pillars


Creativity in concepts & constant innovation, which betrays a thirst for new ideas.


Professionalism in terms of human resources, commitments, workmanship and synergy with all the elements that go into the creation of WOW experience.


Quality of the highest level when it comes to mixology / presentation / consistency / uniforms / man power / products / business.
“Quality comes first. Sales, growth and earnings will follow.” Sandy Verma

Why It Started


  • The bartending industry has never shown better growth ever before and it is increasing day by day exponentially. The overwhelming influx of entrepreneurs opening up bars & pubs has provided the bartending industry a shot in the arm.
  • The Global connectivity and tourism has proven to be a shot in the arm forever changing international trends in mixology and flair. Only the best will survive and thrive to grow
  • A competitive market has motivated the desire to be noticed which has created high-spend areas in the event industry as well as the party circuit, thus creating another area where the demand for skilled bartenders is very high.
  • We provide the only tested, reliable & the best network of bartenders & bar trainers across the country and abroad.

Instructors and Facilities

Sandeep Verma (a.k.a. Sandy)
The IBOM team has a combined experience of over 30 years, with some of the industries leading trainers; who have an in depth knowledge and hands on experience in tending the bar and handling large volumes of people across the bar counter! Meet the team…

IBOM has a dedicated team of trainers who are from the beverage industry and have an in depth knowledge and hands on experience in tending the bar and handling large volumes of people across the bar counter.

Alumni of IHM, Goa & Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), London, UK, is the brainchild behind the organization. Sandy is personally involved at every level of the course, whether training or counseling every student.

His bartending exploits throughout India have provided him with over a decade of experience throughout the bar industry. Having tended bars for the rich and famous, Sandy has also appeared on TV and in national and trade press as an authority on drinks and bartending.

Before venturing out on his own, Sandy has professionally been associated in India with the wine cellars of La Rochelle, The Oberoi, New Delhi (1992), and the re-launch of Oasis, the premiere nightclub of Hyatt Regency, New Delhi (1993). The journey carried on to C.J.’s, the hi-tech discotheque at Le Meridien, New Delhi via Fireball, a theme nightclub at Gurgaon, Haryana. There onwards he took off to Dubai and was associated with Heritage International Hotel (1994), and handled their British pub called Broker’s Bar- a Stock Market Conceptual Bar. In 1995, he regulated the bar of Dubai’s most happening nightclub- Staying Alive at the same hotel.

After coming back from Dubai, Sandeep conceptualized and floated a bar company called “Shaken or Stirred” in 1996, and the rest is the history of bartending in India. His in-depth knowledge and expertise has taken him internationally soaking in the experience from places as far and wide as Maldives, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Dubai, Belgrade, Croatia, Monte Negro, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland & Scotland. His travels and portfolio within India is par excellence and second to none.

Atmosphere, Equipment & Facilities

The bartending industry is a place where fun and hard work go hand in hand. We at I.B.O.M. believe that the learning process is not complete till you have your part of fun during it; but again moderation is the key word.

We make sure we go through the course at the pace of the student no matter how long it takes and we move on to the next level only when a student is thorough with the previous levels.

  • The fully equipped bar at the institute allows the students to get a hands on experience at working a bar. The bar is at par with any modern bar with speed rails, ice bank, chillers and blenders to allow the students to learn speed bartending techniques.
  • We emphasize on free pouring techniques with the aid of exato-pour to facilitate speed bartending techniques.
  • The separate flair training area is lined with rubber mats on the floor to allow students to practice flair unhindered and continuously.
  • The training room has a seating capacity of twenty people but we usually conduct our classes in batches of not more than ten students at a time, to allow each of them to get personalized attention from the faculty.
  • The library has books about each and every aspect of beverage knowledge, along with a vast collection of CD – ROMs authored by International Bar Trainers.
  • The institute also houses a locker room facility with bunker beds.
  • A database of thousands of bars and nightclubs all over the country. Lifetime Bartending Job Placement Service FREE to our bartending school graduates.

Placement & Guaranteed Job Offer

We have an excellent job placement service whose only objective is to obtain a bartending job for you. After getting certified as a BarWizard, we line up all pass out candidates for interviews. Our graduates are always in demand because our experience, reputation and results set us apart from others. We urge you to visit our school first to see why our prestigious clientele chooses our students over others. is our job assistance platform, its free and exclusive to Barwizards and IBOM graduates that assist you to search for job opportunities within India and abroad.

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