Rosso & Indian Spice, Vizag

Rosso & Indian Spice were undertaken by our company on turnkey basis where from conceptualisation to launching is the brain storming effort of Sandy and his team. What you see – The color red hits you in theface as you walk down a long, crimson red-walled corridor to Vizag’snew pubbing entrant Rosso, at Waltair Uplands. A cushioned door opensto a fantastically well spread-out and spacious pub-cum-bar-cum-diner-cum-dance-floor done up in reds andwhites and in paneled wood. With this kind of space and eclectic décor,it’s plain simple to see why Rosso is being defined as an elegantly laid-back and classy ‘lounging club’ of Vizag.What we get – Rosso gives pub-goers in Vizag a new experience of lounging. Done up by known Delhi pub interior expert Sandy Verma, Rosso creates a sense of space, despite having earmarked areas.The dining area is inviting with comfortable white settees placed against sheer white curtains and an LCD screen for virtual gaming to the left. This area allows for a conversation, despite pulsating music that reverberates on the raised dance floor that’s to the right, beside a DJ console (all gizmo and hi-tech with its fair share of overhead strobelights, lasers, smoke machines, etc.

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